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"A male crown placed above a female brow."

Formed in 2010 Woman King is a group of female multidisciplinary artists and designers working in Toronto.

Woman King Collective is run by Megan A. Skyvington, Ange-line Tetrault and Tara Lee Towers. Sharing a voice that is unapologetically feminine Woman King produces work both individually and collectively. This work is linked with the history of handmade objects, material practice and female-centric art making. The act of reclaiming is what connects the artists of Woman King in their individual practices. Whether that is the reclaiming of body as site, the history of womens work or of the female identity as both a public and private experience.

Through an exploration into objects, materials and spaces this group of designers and artists will redefine the myth of womanhood. Their work looks into our interactions with industrial design, traditional craft and body as subject from an entirely female perspective. Woman King exemplifies the capacity for Canadian women in art and design, among other creative disciplines, to effect a change of perception and a message of empowerment through their work.

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